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The Beauty of Horror
Beautiful Welcomes, everyone! Thank you all so much for listening to the show and supporting the project overall. After a few months of exploring beauty in horror with various voices within the world of horror, I got the itch to do more content from me, to you! I have a highly demanding job on top of my work in horror. As such, I need to manage my time and costs well. So, this page and the membership programs within are to help maintain costs and time put into the podcast, as well as the extra content offered at the various tiers. There is no obligation to join a membership in order to access the main Beauty of Horror content or the budding community on Discord and Twitter. It's all just a way to be able to provide more content while covering any costs the time needed to create them. The main reason this page exists is to provide a single space where I give back to everyone who supports the show. You can expect more behind-the-scenes updates here than on Twitter. Likewise, all messages and posts come directly from me (and sound as such). So, I hope to make stronger connections with everyone as we go. Let's have some fun and learn a bit about aesthetics along the way! - Chandler

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