Ben & Winnie's "Feed the Artists"

In the age of the Coronavirus we see the majority of our professional musician and dancer community in trouble . We ourselves have had over 20 performances canceled in just the second week of March. It's time to look for innovative ways to help our community stay alive. In order to do that we will take your money and PAY ARTISTS to create collaborative digital projects with us. We will make those projects available to the public for free, and if any revenue is generated we will donate it all back into this project. • We want to create paid video performance opportunities for dancers. • We want to record and produce tango orchestra video recordings with paid players from around the world. • We want to pay artists to create educational content for aspiring musicians and dancers. There are sooo many posibilities... We intend to keep this going until all schools are back in session. The more money we raise, the more we can help artists pay their rent and buy food for their families in this hard time. Help us make the world a better place, #onetangoatatime.

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