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We as humans are multifaceted. There are numerous characteristics, activities, and experiences that make up the whole person, and yet I myself tend to focus primarily on two facets. Design and illustration are my two sides of a coin. I’ve been working on the corporate end of art in recent years: logo design, branding small businesses and individuals, creating menus for local restaurants, advertising photography, and everything in between. There is an intense passion for this type of art; it is something that allows me to help others grow and succeed where I still get to be creative. On the other side of this coin is the illustration: this is where I myself get to explore. I am limited only by myself, my tools, and my time. I take heavy inspiration from folklore and fairy tales, and work primarily in watercolor and pastel to create ethereal works that envelop the viewer into my world. The meeting place of design and illustration is where I am most frequently; the ridges of the coin. It is where I am helping others to get what they want out of the creative world. This is where I create pet portraits and other such custom works of art. I have also recently delved into the world of teaching others about their own creation of art through blogging and consultancy.


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