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My name is Neha. I run a blog & YouTube channel, where I create bookish & otaku content. I write professional level reviews & other articles in regards to books & Japanese animation, & am an advocate for own-voices literature. Due to a congenital illness & mental disabilities, I work from home. I diligently devote myself to my blog & channel, where work for 10-14 hours/day, 6 days/week.

Neko Neha - BiblioNyan
Hi, friends! If you enjoy what I do and would like to see more bookish & otaku content, please consider supporting me. I have congenital heart disease, as well as a mild version of Schizophrenia, Major Anxiety & Depressive disorders, Agoraphobia, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Because of this, I'm unable to leave my house most of the time, let alone obtain a traditional job. As such, I have diligently and wholeheartedly devoted myself to the work that I do. It is my life and my career.

I write reviews, critiques, and other articles pertaining to literature, especially in regards to raising awareness for marginalised voices within the book communities. I'm an advocate and large supporter of #OwnVoices narratives, specifically from Asian literatures. My genre specialities include Japanese Literature, adult science-fiction and fantasy, comics, and manga. In addition to book content, I work on raising awareness and promoting Japanese animation, otherwise known as anime. It's a medium that I have been passionate about for over 10+ years, and I feel it is an industry that deserves much respect and recognition. I have a corresponding YouTube channel where I create videos pertaining to all of the things I have mentioned here.

I work on blogging and creating videos full-time, sometimes working upwards of 14 hours per day. Any donations given to BibioNyan will strictly go towards supporting BiblioNyan's blog and channel, which includes maintaining the tools used to create content as well as helping me to acquire components necessary to keep offering fresh, new material. The donations will free up some extra money that I can then use for medicine and other various medical necessities. Once a month, I will give a special shout-out to anyone who has helped support BiblioNyan, with special recommendations to supporters' corresponding workspace.

Please, I would greatly appreciate any ounce of support that you can give me. Forever grateful, Neha.

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