Throughout the last years, we´ve had the pleasure to be part of multiple European projects of various scales - from self-funded, small-scale local citizen engagement activities through regional and bilateral, cross-border biodiversity protection actions, to transnational EU-funded projects with big consortia of partners. In all these efforts, what repeatedly stands out when it comes to the long-term sustainability of conservation actions is community involvement. We believe that participatory nature conservation and community-based approaches to natural resource management are existential to successful biodiversity protection. Therefore, we have decided that starting at the end of April 2022, we cycle from Germany to Singapore, meeting colleagues in this field, exchanging experiences, learning and documenting the cost of biodiversity loss and the potentials of community empowerment for biodiversity protection along our Eurasian route. We hope to return with many inspirations and ideas for our work. And how can you help? Good-quality storytelling, especially from the bicycle saddle takes time. It also takes money. While progressing on our route, we have to find time to search for organisations, establish contact, meet with them, join field activities, process our visits, write, repair the bikes, keep our equipment maintained and pay for visas. All this for 1,5 years. Throughout our journey, we will be slow - as we want to take in what we see, and meet with as many people from the field of nature protection as possible. With your support, we can make it happen. You help us with the pedaling, writing, photographing, researching and connecting with people everywhere we go. And in the end, you’ll contribute to making Biking4Biodiversity a trip that makes a true impact.

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