Black Women Heal Show
Welcome!!! Black Women Heal is discussing all of life's bull-ish while trying to stay grounded and zen asf. The raw and honest friends you need to feel less alone, but also keep it 100 when you've f’d up. Your hosts are Cheyenne, Sheena, Seleta, Ashley, and Monique; a group of black women who grew up in the same hometown. Our mission is to create a safe haven that offers our unique perspectives and experiences to help you feel less alone and seen; by sharing authentically. This community is for all who weren't given a seat at the table, so we created one;) Black Women Heal is a show for those who want a safe-space to be vulnerable, but also be honest with one another when we F*ck up. The content and merch on Ko-Fi, will be exclusive and will not be available on any other platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook;) Why support us??? By supporting this show, you not only help us realize our dreams of creating a show for US and by Us, but you would also be helping us with the financial costs to produce, sustain, and grow this show. We want to share an intimate space with you away from social media and plan future Live events! We are grateful to you for being here and allowing us into your hearts and life. Come Heal with us ya'll!!! Other Ways to support us: 1.) Share the podcast w/friends 2.) Follow us on Instagram 3.) Subscribe/follow & listen to the show on your preferred listening platform, i.e., Apple, Spotify, YouTube

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