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Hello! I paint acrylic on reclaimed wood (or objects) and also love to paint digitally (starting with a blank page). My imagination dances all over the place and I have a blast trying to keep up! On my website I sell my art in many forms including prints, stickers, notecards, postcards, bumperstickers, t-shirts and more!!! All art here is by/© me, Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. Thank You & Cheers!

Katy Boyer's Blissbait Art
Hey! I probably will more likely spend any coffee money on paint at this point! I am in the process of getting ready for an art show in October. A tent fair of artists where I live. So am painting my brains out. I'm also in the process of buying frame at thrift/second hand shops, painting them and getting some of my prints in them. LOTs to do! I will also need to buy a little tent for the show.

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