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Hey! I'm a native/local St. Simons Island painter/artist/writer. My imagination dances and I have a blast trying to keep up! On my site I sell my art in many forms including prints, stickers, notecards, postcards, bumperstickers & t-shirts!!! My 4 books are on Amazon. Link is on my website. All art here is by/© me, Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. Cheers!

Katy Boyer's Blissbait Art
In truth I make a mean cup of coffee myself, so at this point I'm spending my money on paint, cellulose (they're biodegradable!) sleeves for my prints/notecards, the museum-quality stock I print on and ink. There is a local art fair here where I live next month. I would need a tent and banner as well. Thinking I am just going to keep plugging along preparing and start doing that about this time next year. But if my sales pick up or something happens where I can move ahead in larger leaps, I'll go for it! Things are going well though! Onward!!! Thank You for being here! :)

tent for fair

7% of goal

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