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Hello! I paint acrylic on reclaimed wood (or objects) and also love to paint digitally (starting with a blank page). My imagination dances all over the place and I have a blast trying to keep up! I've just opened my website/shop. Just beginning to set sail while continuing to paint my brains out! All art here is by/© me, Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art. Thank You & Cheers!

Katy Boyer's Blissbait Art
Hey! This actually isn't for coffee! I just spent most of my tips on biz cards and stickers! Very exciting! THANK YOU!!! Next on my list is getting t-shirts and a poster or two of some of my fine art which I will sell as well. I'm still painting pretty much daily along with working at a friend's shop on the side and getting my little art ship ready to sail. I truly appreciate Your support and You being here! Thank You and Cheers!!!

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