Yui | Bluegrey Illustrations
Welcome to my page ☕️ This is where I share free wallpapers, coloring pages, and other little goodies. I might do mini-blog posts on useful creative resources that I discover along the way, too. It all depends on what you'd like to see, so feel free to leave a comment or message me! If you’d like to support what I do, I'd be sincerely grateful for every cuppa ;) It’ll go towards art supplies and other artsy costs. If you’re feeling generous and want to chip in a little more, you're invited to leave a request for a little doodle, and I’ll give you a shoutout along with the doodle in IG stories. Also, if you have a go at my coloring pages, I’d love it if you shared it on social media and tagged me — I’ll put it up in my stories too. Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a good day! 🌻

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