Beatrix Urkowitz ~ The Infinizine!!!
~WHAT IS THE INFINIZINE?!?~ you're looking at it! it's what i'm calling this ever-expanding collection of comics and art by me, Beatrix Urkowitz, once described as (and i'm not making this up) "the highest quality to lowest profile cartoonist around today"! if you contribute once (or monthly, if that's more your vibe), you'll get a special link that grants lifetime access to the art i'll be posting here multiple times a month, much of which will never be available anywhere else. The Infinizine includes the following: ~ZINES~ zines within a zine?? yes! i have a bunch of zines that are long out of print, and there are some i'd like to share with more people. expect full scans and downloadable PDFs of these once monthly, until my backlog runs dry. (you can also purchase these individually on, though frankly this ko-fi gives you way more bang for your buck.) ~SKETCHBOOKS~ over the years i've accrued a ton of drawings that i've mostly kept to myself and a few friends. but once *you* are my friend, i'll open the floodgates to all my ephemera and viscera. exclusive drawings, new and old, will be posted monthly, forever. there's some honestly sick stuff in there that only discerning connoisseurs like yourself will truly appreciate, and is unlikely to ever leave this site. ~NEW COMICS AND IN PROGRESS WORK~ in anticipation of the fall con season, i'm putting together at least 3 new short comics that will be available here before they are released as a new zine, tentatively titled "From Nowhere, For No One." shortly after i'm diving into the manuscript for "Penelope's Property," my long-teased graphic novel already 6 years in the making. if you've been curious about that, this is where you'll get your first taste of it. all the above will come with extra commentary, and maybe bloggier posts, just for supporters. basically i'd like to use this space to clown around a bit. that's a big reason i'm calling it a zine - though we can argue about the technicalities of that, i’m sure none can dispute that a zine is absolutely the place to be a clown. all i care about is having fun making art for my friends, and if you enable me to do so i will invite you to join me in my honking, red-nosed joy.

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