The Bodywork Studio
I want to help educate people about how your body works. There is a lot of misinformation about our bodies, about chemicals in food, about health products, about alternative therapies. My background is in sports massage, which I did for over 15 years. I met many different types of therapists and had discussions about their therapies. Just because a therapist believes in what they're doing, doesn't mean it works. There are also people using their doctorates in non-medical areas to push health fads. By saying they are a doctor, it doesn't mean they're a medical doctor. There are also medical doctors who have one specialty but who sell books on a different specialty. Would you trust a foot doctor who sells you a product designed to help your hearing? I hope I can shed some light on things that are designed to fool you into spending money you don't need to spend and that may harm you.

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