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My Name is Bonnie Prince Bob. I am an artist, filmmaker & producer. maybe you are familiar with my work i.e. 'Jeremy Bernard Corbyn -What Was Done'/ 'Jim Murphy- Saviour of The Union' maybe you are not. Ian Hislop has described me as "Adam Curtis with Jokes" That's all fair and well, but It has become clear to me that nobody with a pension plan is going to risk their job commissioning a genuine radge like me, so the only way I can produce the work I want is with YOUR support I am now creating a regular ‘Dis-Content’ broadcast where I will directly address the insipid cultural bore-fest that has been foisted upon us. Dis-Content will feature blistering political discourse, fascinating guests, quality satire, exceptional video art, music and ME. If you would like to help challenge the audio-visual brain damage dispensed by the establishment media's artless narcissists, then support me by purchasing some Dis-Content. Thank You BPB

Bonnie Prince Bob
Culture Is Not Your Friend follow me on Twitter here: @BonniePrinceB0b check out some of my work here https://www.youtube.com/discontent

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