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I am an artist! I like to draw sexy pin-up style arts and sexy stuff in general~!

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*IMPORTANT: Read the bottom note for the donors for something special*

Hey guys! I decided to set this up and see how it goes. I've never been big with patreon since a lot of people I know cannot continue to make monthly donations, so I thought this would be a great idea for those who just want a one-time options to help support me!

I actually came up with something I'd LOVE for this money to be put towards. I have ALWAYS wanted a cintiq since the moment I found out they existed. It's been a huge dream of mine to be able to get one, upload my art programs onto it, and then have it to use on the go for whenever inspiration hits me, or heck! Even for when i'm at work with a lot of downtime to just jot down sketch ideas and stuff.

To help me reach this goal and to also give every donor an incentive other than 'please support me hur dur bruh', I figured I could make it so that everyone that donates gets the chance to name up to 2 characters they would like to see me draw!


Please message me with 1 character, either male or female. If they are a personal OC, you can link me to their reference pages. If it's from a show (aka you're requesting fanart), please tell me what the show is from. At every 10% of this goal's stage, I will put all suggestions into a random generator and then whatever one comes out, I will draw you a sexy image of them that might or might not touch on NSFW (If you're chill with it, if not then I can do full sfw too!) as a thank you <3 I will of course post the pieces I do for this here in stages (IE: Sketch, lines, then stages of color).
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