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I am an artist! I like to draw sexy pin-up style arts and sexy stuff in general~!

Hey guys! I decided to set this up and see how it goes. I've never been big with patreon since a lot of people I know cannot continue to make monthly donations, so I thought this would be a great idea for those who just want a one-time options to help support me!

I actually came up with something I'd LOVE for this money to be put towards. I have ALWAYS wanted a cintiq since the moment I found out they existed. It's been a huge dream of mine to be able to get one, upload my art programs onto it, and then have it to use on the go for whenever inspiration hits me, or heck! Even for when i'm at work with a lot of downtime to just jot down sketch ideas and stuff.

Other things I would love to be able to invest in are items like the iPad Pro, which are no where near as expensive and also vastly more portable <3

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Help me purchase a cintiq? See the description above for details <3

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