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How can I get a BRF file? To comply with the Chafee Amendment, I will need to see a Proof of Disability form signed by a qualifying professional. When you provide documentation, I can send the BRF files. emeryl (at) Is there a charge? No. I'll give the BRF files for free to anyone who has proper documentation. If you wish to support this effort, feel free to make a donation! I think I found an error? Please remember that these are all being done by a single person and I'm working quickly. Mistakes are inevitable. It's standard practice to leave print errors as well, so sometimes a mistake will be from the original text. If you believe you've found a mistake, please let me know. What is the cost of a light novel? It depends on the light novel. At times I may also purchase two copies - one print, one digital. Having a digital version can make the process much faster, but I need print page numbers for the transcription. For example: The print version of Ascendance of a Bookworm (Vol.1) is 14.85, and the ebook version is 6.99, making it 21.84 (not including taxes) for me to do Ascendance of a Bookworm. Some books have no ebook. Final Fantasy VII: The Kids are Alright: A Turks Side Story and Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile, for example, were done completely by hand. What would you do if you received a lot of support? I would buy an embosser and offer to emboss books essentially at-cost. A braille book can easily come to 200-400 sheets of paper. Normally, you could expect to pay around $.16-$.17 per embossed sheet. This means a short 200 sheet book would be $32. The cost of the paper itself would be around $.07. Add the cost of two binders to put it in ($7) along with other minor expenses and I could probably do it for around $25. Note: In America there is an option to ship called "Free Matter For The Blind". The cost of shipping braille can be $0. Keep in mind that the embosser I would want is the Juliet Pro 120. This is about $4,700, so this would be quite a high goal! It's just an example of what I could do should this page ever find unexpectedly high success. Of course, with enough supporters like yourself the cost of embossing books could be covered, too. Are there any ways to give support if I have no money? Yes! Referral links help support me. All books I've transcribed have referral links for purchasing them, too.

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