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Brianna Albers
It's no secret that I have a less-than-healthy relationship with social media. This page is an attempt to cultivate an intentional, creative community that's not beholden to the algorithm. I'll be curating a wide range of content, from aesthetic boards to Notion templates to good old-fashioned blog posts. And the best part is I'm offering a majority of it for free! If you like my work and want to keep up with what I'm doing, following my Ko-fi will send most of my updates straight to your inbox. You'll get everything from drafting updates to Spotify playlists, all for free. Oh, and plenty of cat pics ~ If you want to support me financially, there are three options to choose from: ✧ A one-time donation 🍫 ✧ Membership at the Sun 🌞 tier ($2 USD/mo) ✧ Membership at the Moon 🌚 tier ($5 USD/mo) I appreciate any and all support. It truly means the world to me that you're here 💜✨

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