Cuán McCann

Hey darlins! Taking a leap to launch this page and ask for your support. It's been 5 years since Build With became its own practice, & we do our work without any outside institutional support. While that means great things for how we maintain our integrity, it also means that I work multiple gigs to make ends meet. Your tips and money for coffee will help me build more sustainability for myself and this work, which needs to live beyond me. Speaking of which, I've got some exciting stuff up my sleeve this year, including a workbook, new public trainings, zines, and more. It's been several years since I've been able to write regularly due to my disability, so I'm extra hype be able to share these offerings, & to support you in your work, too. If you've ever benefited from my writing, attended one of my free trainings, or if you just wanna show support as I make more Build With materials accessible this year, buy me a coffee why don't ya. 😉 Anything you can chip in is so helpful and appreciated. Raising my coffee mug in cheers and gratitude to you!

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