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My name is Chris Kroznuski (though you might also know me as Burning Earth Chris), and I'm a 3D animator and visual effects artist. I am most famous for making the USS Enterprise appear over my Wal-Mart several years back. Visual effects and animation are two of my biggest passions, and I'm working extremely hard to turn those passions into a career as a visual storyteller; when I'm not doing animation work, I like to play sci-fi themed video games. Even though I have a Patreon page, I figure that many of my fans might want to support me, but can't afford a monthly subscription, so in addition to our Patreon, I've set up this Ko-Fi page to help support our projects; if you buy me a Coffee, I'll give you a special thanks in my next Let's Play Video!

Burning Earth Productions
I'm a visual effects artist and 3D animator who likes to play video games. Any ko-fi donations will go to help bring my bigger projects to life.

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