Help me pay down my vet bill.

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I had to take my cat into the vet on my birthday. He was in a lot of pain and would separate himself from us. After x-rays & blood work, my bill became unmanageable. Thankfully, some pain medication helped him feel better. He is also on a prescription diet for urinary health. If I can get my bill down to a manageable amount, I can take care of the rest. Your help is greatly appreciated and if you would like a 5x7 sketch for your donation, email [email protected]


Florida Gambit cosplayer / Marvel illustrator for Upper Deck / Professional Cooyon I'm working on tons of new projects! From a comic book to cosplay; donations will help me to be able to share these amazing projects with you!

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Cajun Cajole
I will be using Ko-fi to pay down my vet bill before I do anything else. I had to take my cat in a few months ago because he was in a lot of pain in his back. After x-rays & blood work, my bill skyrocketed. My cat is doing great now, but I'm having to slowly pay off the bill. After that's taken care of, or at a manageable balance, I'll move on to creating art (comic books and illustrations) and cosplay.

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