Cantonese in Ireland

Cantonese in Ireland is a registered not-for-profit organisation. It is newly founded yet growing fast. In less than a year, we have already worked with different Irish organisations and we have organised different events for our Irish public, most of them free. Your donation will help our monthly expenses so that we can continue our work to promote the Cantonese language and culture, to support Cantonese speakers in Ireland and to make Ireland a diverse country. Here are some of the monthly expenses that we urgently need support for: 1. Accountant - as a non profit organisation, we need accountants to deal with our tax return 2. Insurance - liability insurances when we organise events are compulsory 3. Website hosting 4. Canva monthly fee - for promotion and educational work 5. Zoom monthly - for meetings and online story telling events 6. Many other big projects in mind! e.g. Cantonese library, Cantonese courses, fun Cantonese cultural seminars and events... Your donation will keep our organisation going and growing. It will make a big difference in protecting Cantonese heritage and to promote it to bigger audience in Ireland. Your help will build Ireland a diverse country for our new generations of Irish to live in.

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