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Hi there! My name is Oksana and I'm a Web Designer on unlimited vacation :) I worked as a web and graphic designer about for 8 years. Perhaps 30% or 50% of project time (it depends on project, of course) designer use for an image/photo searching for this project. Whell, after all those years, I guess, I get tired of searching and desided to start creating images by myself :D Of course I can create something digital, but my goal is to learn how to do it by my hands. Here I will share my art, my designs and maybe will write about my experience of self growing as an illustrator, maybe will make posts and reviews about experiencing new art materials. Or maybe I won't :D I dont know if it would be interesting for anyone, but if you do - let me know ;) If you like my designs and illustrations - I'll appreciate your impact :)

Let's have some fun! As far as I need to learn to draw characters, I can do it from random internet photo, or I could draw a character from your or your friend/mother/brother photo :) You - buy me a coffee, I - drawind a characters for U while I'm drinking my coffe ;P I need only 2 things: 1. Your or maybe your cat photo (you can send it to my instagram acc). 2. Digital or graphic materials? Shall we? :D

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