Chen Asraf

Hi there 👋 I'm Chen, a Full-stack and app developer, and an open-source enthusiast. I make packages, libraries, programs and apps for fun and to learn more technologies. Professionally, I make fully fledged, production-ready systems for start-ups and businesses. If you saw some of my work and you liked it, thank you! This page is available for donations. Any amount will be incredibly appreciated! « For contracts, contact me for availability at » • I am proficient in TypeScript, React, Node, Flutter/Dart, and I love trying out new technologies and languages; and I am also familiar with Python, Vue, and fiddle with Ruby, and many others. • My dream is to make my own game development studio, and make a successful and fun game - my passion project! • You can see some of my projects on my blog at, or on my and my app's GitHub at • Also visit my app Dungeon Paper, a table-top RPG companion app for Dungeon World - available on Android/iOS, at

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