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Cass Morris

Hello! I am soon going to begin cross-posting content from Patreon. Here are some of the things I do and have done there that you can get access to with a membership! Aven Cycle goodies: -Aventan Magic: Includes both the Mages of Aven microfiction series and longer treatises -Early Drafts and Deleted Scenes -Sneak Peeks! Behind-the-Page: Windows into my writing process, such as it is! Includes Scrivener screenshots and posts exploring its bells and whistles, pictures of handwritten notes and outlines, revision notes, writing trackers, and more. Other Writing: -Snippets from non-Aven WIPs like Infinite Variety and The Seventh Star. -Drabbles, fanfic, and short stories -Abandoned projects: Stuff from the trunk! Aesthetic posts! Occasional poetry Academia: -Papers, research, and lecture notes from college, grad school, conferences, conventions, and special gigs. There's a lot of Shakespeare here, naturally! And other medieval and Renaissance studies. There's also a lot of geekery. -The Figures in History series, where I fangirl amazing people (usually women) from the past! -The Hamilblog: A song-by-song rhetorical analysis of the musical Hamilton. Complete! And occasionally augmented with extras from the Hamildrops. -The Shakesblog: A scene-by-scene rhetorical analysis of Romeo and Juliet. Audio: Monologues, fictional snippets, random chats Video: -Monthly-ish video diaries -"Storytime with Cass", where I give an impromptu history lecture, explain why a Shakespeare play is great, or read a choose-your-own-adventure. -Conference presentation -Public readings So whether you're migrating from Patreon or joining me fresh here, welcome! And thank you for the support!

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