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Hi! I'm Cathrine. I love teaching and sharing knowledge :) I spend a lot of my time blogging and speaking about data, especially Biml and the Microsoft Data Platform. Outside of tech, I also enjoy mentoring others on speaking and presentation skills. I do all of this because it's fun and it makes me happy, but I won't say no if you'd like to buy me a coffee. I really do enjoy coffee :) Thanks!

Cathrine Wilhelmsen
Well, hello to you! Since you've stumbled upon this page, I hope that you have found some of my content useful. Was it a blog post? A session I presented? A quick chat or a question I could help answer? Let me know! I will keep working on new content while enjoying the coffee you bought me :) Thank you so much!

Saving up for a Logitech Spotlight Presenter so I can deliver better sessions!

11% of goal

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