With my Ko-fi I will share previews, hold polls and share free phone wallpapers for donators to use if they want. I also hope to make it a base platform from where I do commissions. In-house notification! Every Ko-fi makes me smile endlessly and means a lot to me! Currently throughout the months of May and June I have a special that for every Ko-Fi you get a detailed drawing doodle. (might extend, you can also find this back in my commission list) if, however, you donate as anon, it's hard for me to trace. If you want to make use of the current doodle drawing offer, please make use of the Ko-fi donation message to leave me a. A way to contact you (e-mail, insta-handle) or. B. Your request directly. Or both if possible so I can track it. Thank you so much in advance! And if you just want to donate (so honored if you do) and don't want to be contacted by me in any means, please say so to!

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