Charlie George

Hi, I'm Charlie George. I'm a writer, performer, comedian & MC. I host a regular monthly comedy night called 'Clandestina' that is queer women, trans and non binary led. Our aim is to elevate the voices of marginalised groups within comedy and properly support queer creatives. I'm also a queer, working class, autistic brown woman from Swindon. Who grew up transient homeless after leaving home and my mother's Jehovah's Witness faith as a teenager. I have no family support & live alone in a rented one bed in Kent. (because I can't afford London rent). I'd love your support for my debut stand up hour in Edinburgh, so I can progress my comedy career & employment opportunities and hopefully not have to sell my organs on the internet! I love writing & making people laugh. I've been told I'm quite good at it. I've written for some people on the Telly & Radio that you might love: Charlie Brooker, Joe Lycett, Frankie Boyle, Mawaan Rizwan, Kiri Pritchard-McClean etc. Now it's time to invest in myself & my own future -eek! (providing the sea levels don't rise) for when I am an old spinster lesbian in a period drama by the sea.. I'm not actually motivated by money. I'm motivated by love. The sounds of your laughter and frog memes. But unfortunately my landlord doesn't accept any of those as payment. CAN YOU HELP ME!? Every little bit you can donate goes a long way to the costs of elitist Edinburgh & the chance for me to showcase myself as a solo writer/performer and obtain more work opportunities. Your generous support helps me in the following ways: Travel costs Registration fees Accommodation costs Marketing/PR costs Director fees Access Support fees Venue fees Tech fees Agent fees And most importantly time to write the best jokes! We've come a long way baby through the hard times & the good I'd like to celebrate you baby, I'd like to praise you like I should - with ridiculous humour & laughing in the face of all that's come for us! xo Love you. Grateful for you. CG.

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