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the Scenes
F.S. Arbolaez
Greetings everyone! This page is for a dark satire sci-fi story+art book called, 'The Colonial History of Tir-Torzor and Brief Accounts of Its Diasporas' Denizens'. [aka Colonial History (CHTT) for short] It is a history book written by an alien scholar in the future, after decades of the Earth and humanity being subjected to different extraterrestrial expansion and exploitation efforts. I have a day job, but I need money to pay artists for the story's illustration pieces, and all of their fees vary differently. The artwork that I plan to have filling out the finished book's pages will range from photography to paintings, with each reflecting important events, specimens, and zeitgeists from certain periods. Your donations can help me hire the best to formulate a more authentic reading experience, as well as eventual aid in book publication. You can read it for free, but if you choose to financially back the project, you'll get access to look at the pre-publication illustrations, one of the first to receive a copy of the book, and even get an artist or two to make something personal for you. There might be more perks depending on how this goes as it continues. I look forward to you and many others enjoying the story and joining in funding this project!

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