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Chorus to Dero

Hello! My name is Dana Corrigan and welcome to my indie animation project, Chorus to Dero! Chorus to Dero is a story that has been near and dear to my heart for a long time, and currently we're in the production of the first/pilot episode. Up until 2022 most of the project has been just myself, and a select few people I've hired to help me in areas that I physically can't do myself. Outside of this project I am a 2D Animation professor, freelance artist and in 2021 started an indie company, Pencil Gator Animaton Studio. Up until now, anyone I've hired has been paid out of pocket, and I have to put the production on hold during the semester to teach classes. All money donated through this fundraiser will go directly into the project. The more successful the fundraiser is, the quicker the production will be as I'll be able to hire my teammates on a steadier basis and they'd be able to continue the production even when I have to pause for the universities. My short term goal is to finish this first episode. Best case scenario, we want to develop this project into a multi-episode animated series. Currently, we are aiming to finish the pilot episode in late 2023. If you’d like to support us, we have a shop with merchandise available and we’re opening Cameos! If you’d like to see your likeness or your original character in the background of Chorus to Dero’s pilot or would like some pins, magnets or other swag please come check us out! If you’d like to donate, every cent goes directly towards our production team to help make this episode happen!

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