Chris Jechoux
Why Am I here? You see…My husband of twenty-three years was diagnosed with colon cancer and spots on his liver in November 2022. And as life is, it takes great care in assessing us on its own terms… Also, in these past months, some of my most cherished clients decided to close their online businesses, due to complications from a 'fragile' economy. So, needless to say, between my husband’s treatments and my dwindling remote work, making ends meet has become a royal battle and an ongoing lesson in resilience. And for sure, because of it all, the ‘imaginary’ bottom has become very thin, and one must be creative in finding ways to keep us afloat. I’ve become not the captain of this ship…But a four-star General. It’s that simple. So, I hope that my designs and love of writing will warm your heart and grace your soul with a well-deserved smile! Thank You.

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