Christopher P Jones
Hi, I'm Christopher P Jones and I'm a writer on art, history and other good stuff like that. I'm also a novelist with a historical mystery trilogy under my belt. I'm incredibly excited about what's ahead, about the books I want to write and the learning I intend to undertake. I write about art history most of my time. I'm lucky enough to have a loyal community of readers who seem to like what I do. So I'm asking for your support, if you can afford it, because I want a more direct relationship with my readers. A small donation will mean I can continue to write more and to keep sharing what I know (and am constantly discovering) about art. Writing is hard work. If a few hundred people give me a few pounds a month, I can start to build long-term plans for all the projects I'd like to make. And I'd like to bring you along for the journey. So thank you, dear potential and current patrons. By supporting me you're helping to get more art appreciation into the world, in a time when we need art more than ever.

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