Òscar Moisés Díaz

My mini-essays on the fixed stars are interested in expanding the conversation on the big themes of each star. I find that most information on fixed stars online is either scarce or not to be trusted with the major causes for alarm being AstrologyKing and Vivian Robson's terrible outdated, poorly sourced unworkable book on fixed stars. I hope to make the stars feel less esoteric and help restore their regal place in astrology through my life time. If you told astrologers a thousand years ago that fixed stars were not widely used or scoffed at as being "extra smextra" in analysis...the look of horror on their faces I like can't imagine. I am following in the footsteps of my teacher Dr. Bernadette Brady and I am so happy it was through an older queer astrologer that I found my way back to the full skies. I am here to just add to scrolls of astrologers across time. To add my grain of sand to the desert of astrological knowledge from my own comparative studies position using my background in the arts to help tease our clouds of virtualities out of the stars and get deeper into them. These essays will not be cook book delineations of planet-star. My teachers before me have done that work elegantly. I simply want to provide essays that feel like Field Notes or Love Letters to the stars. An expanding of the stars and their themes based on my rigorous client work research using parans. Welcome to this journey I'm embarking on. Glad you are here. To properly use this work, you have to use parans to work with fixed stars. I'll be very insulted and angry if you force jam stars into the birthchart and then use my work that way. You need to learn parans to properly work with fixed stars in astrology.

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