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Thank you for supporting my making art! There are so many ways in which the arts are consumed nowadays, but few in which artists are supported practically. I believe that our language and reality (the deep, the meaningful, the colourful, the soulful, the beautiful) is completely alternative to the superficial, peak orgasmic, instant gratification, everything-as-transaction 'normalising' of consumerism as lifestyle... As a result, real art is being increasingly marginalised (or even removed altogether) from the collective consciousness. YOU can change that right now, by supporting an artist to keep doing what they do best... Please give generously! If you'd like to support my steady monthly wage as an artist, and get access to *everything that I create*, look me up on www.patreon.com/clareartista too!

Clare Galloway artist
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page! If you love my art, writings, podcasts or anything/ everything that I'm creating, please consider supporting me with some €s, to empower me to keep doing it! THANK YOU! This platform is my moving into a more dynamic and interconnected relationship with my audience and patrons - and removing myself from mainstream platforms like the awful Facebook and Instagram, who have both censored my art and labelled it pornographic - where it is quite the other end of the spectrum! See what I do here: www.clareartista.com Ko-fi is a lighter version of Patreon: support me with a monthly wage and be inside my inner circle there, as a patron: www.patreon.com/clareartista - it's where I share the most, and give lots of special prices on my art, and freebies of anything I can share via internet; podcasts, videos, art lessons, Ebooks of real books, travel snaps, and much more... My online presence will be evolving as I explore these new and restructured platforms, and develop a more horizontal approach to sharing and working.

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