Hello world! I'm Cloudy Night from South Korea, and I shoot photos at night to capture lights and the city night vibe...making dreams into reality…or reality like your dreams? I've been doing it for a few years now, aiming to become a full time photographer. Years have passed, and I’ve realized I need support to continue my work. Since covid-19 I wasn't able to find a job, even part time jobs. I'm not asking for a lot but it would be nice to have some spare cash for myself to buy coffee every now and then. Your help makes my day, and my work even better, and helps me to post new NFT’s. I will update Ko-fi as if it's my own instagram account to keep you guys updated with what I'm doing. Thanks for checking out my page and love you all. -Updates : First 10 monthly donors will receive photos I haven't posted on social media (3 of them) or 3 raw images of what I took. (If I can reach out to you. If you're anonymous, I can not.) For the rest of my monthly donors (including first 10), they will have access to Ko-fi exclusive content, updates about what I'm doing, behind the scenes, early access to my future artworks, gold membership only high-res images (you can still get regular resolution images for free) downloads :) If you are donating monthly, please reach out to me on social media, such as Twitter or Instagram so that I can make sure you receive all the benefits of being a monthly donor.

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