Cody Wagner

–How your support helps me out– • Affording new and better equipment. Sooner or later things break or become inadequate for the job at hand (or straight up die like those boy bands from the early 10s). With that in mind, your assistance will go towards the bettering of my tools. • Gives me the backing needed to go to some events. Whether that's flying out to SEMA or just paying for tickets for my local Bandimere race, this can help me attend new events across my state or even beyond. • The support helps me make more content. Whether that be buying the latest diecast for review or a game for videos, your support gives me the opportunity to expand my reach into other facets of car-culture not easily accessible without funding. –This is what you can expect for supporting me and CCC– • Polls for articles, videos, and podcast ideas. This allows you to lend a hand in curating what ideas from the aforementioned content types will be done first (or sooner) on CCC. Once completed, such ideas will also receive preferential treatment over other content. This means that voted-on ideas will regularly take over the time slots of articles/podcasts/videos that weren't voted on, allowing them to be released sooner. • On top of getting to vote for content ideas, you'll get to see voted and non-voted content a few days to even a week before its public release. • You will also get to vote on merch designs for the Teespring store! This helps me out a ton because I get to see what you all like and you get to see upcoming merch designs before they're released! • Various recognitions of your support. For videos, your names would be listed. For podcasts, you would get verbal shoutouts. For all voted and supported content, Ko-fi supporters will be mentioned such as "This content was voted on by my Ko-fi Supporters". Thanks for any and all donations! If you can't donate though, no problem! Simply watching, reading, and listening to my content as well as liking, sharing, and commenting on said content helps me a lot as well!


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