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Comfy Fitness is dedicated to making quality fitness accessible to everyone, no matter your income, time, space, or current fitness level. We are offering Live Online Fitness Classes (with actual fitness professionals & other participants!) and our Monthly Challenge in a Gift Economy model. READ BELOW to learn how to SIGN UP for our Gift offerings.

Comfy Fitness
We are offering access to our Monthly Challenge and/or our LIVE Online Group Fitness Classes through the Gift Economy. This means YOU get to choose the monthly membership fee. Choose an amount that feels aligned with: + Your financial means + Your anticipation of personal benefit + What will keep you committed and motivated + Your desire to support high quality, accessible fitness for all Special Instructions: Because Gift Economy is not yet common in Western culture, we were unable to find a platform that facilitates Gifting. So, please follow these instructions: 1. Our Online Offerings are designed as monthly memberships, so please use the "+" and "-" buttons to choose your monthly gift amount. Make sure to click the "monthly" option to ensure uninterrupted monthly membership. You can cancel at any time. 2. The email address you use to create your Ko-fi account is the email address we will receive. If you'd like your membership access sent to a different email, please include this as a "Private Message" when signing up. 3. In the true nature of gift, it is possible (without shame or judgement) to access our Online Offerings for $0. However, there's no online platform that would let us do that. So if you would like access for zero payment, please email us at getcomfy@comfyfitness.com. 4. In the "Your message" box, please indicate if you are signing up for the LIVE Online Group Fitness Classes or the Monthly Challenge. 5. In the "Your message" box, feel free to share any thoughts, feelings, or sensations that come up for you as you're choosing your monthly gift amount.

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