Cosplay Minney
“When you face yourself and win, you never lose” Cosplay Minney used anime, gaming, and cosplay to sober up and get in shape whilst obtaining his dream job in the process. He began cosplaying 10 years ago as part of the Naruto cosplay community and since then he has transformed himself into what's been called the real life Goku. Minn has made a name for himself in the cosplay community by winning multiple international cosplay contests (1st place WCS UK 2018 + 1st place C4UK 2019), appearing in music videos (ShaoDow - Kaio-Ken (2018), and officially cosplaying for video game companies such as Ubisoft (Assassins Creed Origins, Bayek 2017). Minn focuses on translating video game and anime characters from the screen into real life, aiming to bring realism into fantasy. He is recognised as a fitness specialist and takes pride and pleasure in sharing his training knowledge with the cosplay community. He is training to become the strongest version of himself (powerlifting total of 587.5kg/1295lb) and he sees it as his purpose in life to inspire others to do the same. He aims to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle and give fellow geeks the courage they need to step into the gym armed with a foundation of knowledge that can take them from strength to strength. Perhaps counterintuitively he is also a world record holding speed-eater currently holding world records for the most chicken nuggets eaten in 3 minutes (>900g) and the fastest time to eat 20 McNuggets (1:03). When asked how someone should start with cosplay Minn had this to say “Pick a character and go all in, a character who truly resonates with you and inspires you. Then once you've figured that out, give it everything in your heart. Be more shonen”

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