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jáa díi tawlang, i'm cerb the illustrator & comic artist! here i take monthly & one-time donations from my friends & fans. supporters get special benefits, outlined below. háw'aa, díi gwíi hl stíihl!

one-time star bits get you my sincere gratitude, and: —⭐ if you choose to make it public, your generosity will be visible on this page's feed to all other visitors! —⭐ your name (should you provide one) in the credits* of any zine & catlamp chapter i release within that month, and the corresponding end-of-chapter post on catlamp's tumblr blog! —⭐ early access to finished zines & comic pages by at least two weeks, provided on this page! monthly star bits get you a kiss to my plush wolf in your stead, and: —⭐ same as above, with a special accredited tier and additional thanks in the next art post i make on tumblr! * [credited in tiers based on amount (1 star bit [2$], 3+ star bits [6$], 5+ [10$], 10+ [20$], etc if there are higher contributions). let me know if there's a different name you want me to use!]

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