Welcome to CreepyStock, a database dedicated to creepy pictures under a free license! Being an online picture library, CreepyStock obviously has many operating costs, although it doesn't generate any revenue. That's why I need your support. Thanks to your donations, I will be able to: – Upgrade the hosting subscription and get a better service provider – Buy (a lot of) storage space – Purchase and renew the domain name (,…) – Extend plugin subscriptions (e.g.: firewall and antivirus software, file management plugin, photo gallery plugin, advanced search plugin, etc…) and purchase new ones – Find new pictures among various databases on the internet and add them to CreepyStock (unquestionably the longest and most laborious task) – Spend more time in adding HTML markups and updating the CSS – Have more free time to answer your enquiries and questions! To sum up, your generosity will help me to get even more involved in the development of CreepyStock. Thank you very much for your generosity!

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