John Fuller

Hi! Since it began in 2011, has covered an enormous range of people, places, matches and topics. Interviews with some of the world's best players rub shoulders with stories of village cricketers, incredible feats and in-depth analysis on club cricket. The best way to monetise a website that champions the recreational game is a conundrum and I've had commercial partners and sponsored articles as a way to offset the costs and also the thousands of hours I've put into writing, web design, photography and social media. Readers expect mountains of free online content and Cricket Yorkshire will always be free. However, as a creator, I want the articles, photos or tweets to be the focus, not hidden within a wall of adverts that slows the site and frustrates the visitor. So, Cricket Yorkshire will continue to only have very limited and unobtrusive advertising - but that approach brings challenges. I'm asking those who think what I do is important and has a value to consider supporting it by buying me a ko-fi; it's like a tip or a financial thumbs-up with whatever you can afford. It can be a one-off or whenever you enjoyed a particular article. All you need to do is buy me a coffee (we'll pretend it's a Yorkshire Tea) where you can donate sums of £3 via Paypal - and leave a message so I know what article you read and what you liked. I will continue to champion grassroots cricket and share the stories that deserve a wider audience. Wherever you are in the world, thanks for your support, it's always appreciated! Best wishes, John.

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