⊹♢ General permissions : • No porting outside FFXIV. • Do not redistribute. • Do not use my work in any private, paid commissions, patreon, kofi shop. • Do not use my textures. • If you wish to use it for any free public release : – Please ask me first. – Do not forget to credit me or the contributors. – And please have it mirrored on one of the mod repositories so everyone can find it. • Personal edits are allowed. • NO N.S.F.W Lala ports allowed. NO. NEVER. TY. ⊹♢ For premium items : • I understand sharing with your significant other so they can see you in all your glory. This is the only case where sharing is allowed (and also for your kids because they would use your wallet). But if your friend wants it please buy another copy. ♥ ⊹♢ Race ports : • Commissioned port of a paid hair to other races is ok. Price of the port must not exceed the price of the hair. • You can release your port for free to the public once the hair itself has been made public.

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