Cuddly Potatoes

Hi hi, welcome to Practical Potatoes! I'm Jessica, a spreadsheet lover, an overenthusiastic planner, a small business owner, a DIY enthusiast, and a married (!) potato who recently planned a wedding. If you relate in any way, hopefully you'll be able to make some use out of my work! Visit the "shop" for all the currently available free downloads. :) I'll be uploading things slowly with accompanying blog posts, whenever I find time to clean up my files into templates. There'll eventually be content for small business stuff, project planning, and wedding planning! You can follow me here or @practicalpotatoes on instagram to stay updated. I make all my own spreadsheets and templates out of a deep love for planning and logistics, and it makes me really happy that my overenthusiasm can usually save myself money along the way. In the same spirit of saving everyone else some money (and to keep this project stress-free for me), I'm really happy to be able to offer all my templates for free! If you do happen to love the content and are looking for ways to support me, you can follow / share my work over at Cuddly Potatoes (@cuddlypotatoes on instagram & facebook), shop for some cute stuff at my store (, or buy me a ko-fi! (read: milk tea! heh) Any and all support is highly appreciated, and I'm honestly just glad you're here! Thanks so much for visiting!

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