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Hi I'm Seb's. The Werebear of hype! I'm all about the love of, sharing, promoting, reviewing & reveling in all the wonderful things folx create, & I even have a few TTRPG/ D&D ideas myself from time to time. I have been treated for Complex PTSD & have Fibromyalgia & CFS/ME. I'm the carer for my partner who is also has a chronic condition & is my carer in turn. The main thing I'm focusing on is providing in depth reviews for DMs Guild & DriveThru RPG, especially helping to cheerlead & get the word out for independent creators. I want to be able to support them & get the word out about their adventures, supplements & systems, but that isn't cheap & I end up spending a great deal of money on these products, so any tips on here would be put towards purchasing products to review & share. In this way your helping both me & the creators I review.


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