👋✨ KONNICHIWA thank you for choosing to support me as a creator! i use my ko-fi for donations, selling wallpapers, and for bookings & commission work. ⚔️ ABOUT ⚔️ i'm a freelance creative technologist & talent based in tokyo, japan. i share cyberpunk & anime-inspired concept photography, behind-the-scenes footage, my life in japan, working as a creative in tech. any amount of donation is never expected, but always appreciated. <3 🖤 MY MOTIVATION 🖤 intention is important when creating art. for me, my concept photography roots from my love of anime/manga/game-inspired themes of adventure, cyberpunk themes of tech and dystopia, and the existential battle of finding meaning in a seemingly meaningless existence. i both struggle and thrive from depression/adhd. i believe the chaos in my mind is what drives me to create. a big thank you to those who have been following my creative journey from the beginning. xox

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