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Hi! I write and do calligraphy and bind books. I'm trans and disabled and Jewish and Mexican and have a lot of opinions on Everything. The New Yorker thinks I'm "candid and stylish", I think my crutches are #aesthetic as hell. (He/him) I’ve been losing my eyesight for the last couple years. It’s possible to stop it, but until I get a surgeon who will help me I’m increasingly limited in how much I can do things like use a computer, or read. Right now money goes toward letting me survive long enough to change that. Also coffee. Also ink. Same thing really.

Cyrus Eosphoros
Hello! I am fueled by a strangely positive, sun-like furnace of rage; opposition to entropy as an ethical imperative; and caffeine. Sadly, doctors, my cell company, etc. do not take payment in rage. Or in “IOU when I can read this”. That’s where you come in.

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