Daddy And Teddy

Dear friends, we’re hoping to raise awareness around our innovative children’s story — something you simply can’t afford to miss. This action-packed adventure, which doubles as a personal development book, is designed to help children everywhere start a healthy family conversation about their struggles, worries, and stress while teaching them about nature, healing, and mindfulness — some of the most important ingredients often missing from our lives today. Today, we ready to release our story to the world — and awaken the healer in every one of us. So, are you in? You can download the first three chapters of our book at (link in Bio), where you'll be able to check out our writing style and find out how Teddy and I actually met. Your donation would go towards publishing and promotional expenses. But, if you can’t donate, we’d appreciate if you could perhaps share our story with your friends and family or with someone in need of extra love, guidance and energy. You could also find us on your favorite social channel where we hang out from time to time. Thanks for your support! Hope you can enjoy one of our short presentations... Cheers! Daddy and Teddy

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