Dakini Translations

Adele Tomlin is a writer, Buddhist scholar-translator, poet, teacher and practitioner from the UK, but mainly based in India. She is the founder of the first female-directed and solely authored Dharma research and translations website, Dakinitranslations.com. She has two postgraduate degrees in Tibetology (Hamburg University) and Philosophy (King’s College, London). Author-translator of two books on Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice, Tāranātha’s Commentary on the Heart Sūtra and Chariot That Transports to the Four Kāyas, with forewords by two leading Buddhist scholars, Prof. Matthew Kapstein and Dr. Cyrus Stearns. Since 2006, Adele has been studying Tibetan language and Buddhist Philosophy in India, Nepal and Europe and received teachings and empowerments from many great Tibetan Buddhist masters. Her work and Dharma talk was featured recently in Tricycle Buddhist Magazine. Host of a new Buddhist podcast channel, Dakini Conversations, included in top ten Buddhist podcasts. Specialist subjects are Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayāna, Tantra, Kālacakra, Buddhist views of emptiness and Buddha Nature, women in Buddhism, female lineages and teachers, sexuality, art and aesthetics. Author of various articles on Buddhist philosophy, art, music, women, poetry in Tricycle Buddhist Magazine, Buddhist Door Global, The Diplomat, and more. Author of poetry collection Tales from the Yoni Stone. For information on publications, interviews/talks, teaching, websites, and academic background, click on the links. Any money raised via Ko-Fi will be used to directly support the work and the website.

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