I have made meaningful contributions to several popular Open Source projects such as Jupyter (core developer and steering council member, https://jupyter.org/), Nikola (https://getnikola.com/), and Bokeh (https://docs.bokeh.org/) and I have also started several projects being RISE (a "live" slideshow for the Jupyter notebook, https://rise.readthedocs.io/) the most popular one. Here, you have 2 ways to fund some of my work in the Open Source arena: * Buy me some stars as general support (and you will be listed in the supporter-me page at my blog) * A "commission" to support the accomplishment of diverse goals (see each commission for more details) I am currently looking for a continuous flow of money so I can spend more of my daily time on the Open Source, particularly developing and supporting RISE and other Jupyter-related projects, and exploring some new ideas. If you are interested in supporting RISE evolution, I encourage you to choose one of the RISE-related available commissions. Press the "Commission Me" button or visit this page: https://ko-fi.com/damianavila/commissions for more details. Finally, if you don't like this platform (or the associated electronic payment method) but you want to support my work, you can drop me a DM at @damian_avila on Twitter or Telegram and we can figure it out alternatives. Thank YOU!

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