Creator behind The Dating Bitch, a Lifestyle blog focused on love, dating, relationships, and everything in between. What started as a niche dating blog has now expanded and I cover topics such as beauty, style, travel, health, blogging, and books. As a lifelong fan of Agony Aunt columns, I also created my own: Dear Dating Bitch, an online advice column where I answer reader questions about their love life. And despite my chosen persona, I try to give advice in a kind and loving way. While still being an honest bitch. Make sure to check out my blog and subscribe to the newsletter for all my freebies. You can also go to my shop and get a Tarot Reading. If my content here resonates with you, please follow me! You can find me on social media under the handle @deardatingb. Or, if you want, buy me a coffee. Any support is greatly appreciated 🙏

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