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David B. Clear
Why I'm Asking for Support: I'm sure you've come across plenty of success porn on Medium—you know what I mean, stories where people brag about making thousands of dollars a month. The truth is I don't make anything like that, even though I may have a decent amount of followers on Medium. Remember, Medium pays by read time, which means I earn pretty much zilch from my comics since people zip through them in a few seconds. Similarly, my long form stories generally don't make much either. They take a ton of time to write since I illustrate them all and usually back them up with scientific references and research. That means I'm not one of those writers who can publish long form every day and thus increase my income through volume. So, if you would be sad if my comics and writing disappeared because they just don't earn enough, please consider supporting me by signing up for a membership or by leaving me a tip. Thanks!

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