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Getting a subscription to D&D Beyond would allow me and my gaming groups to share our content with each other to facilitate even better games that will then facilitate even better stories.


Hi! I'm Rachael, I'm the chief Bard & Bottle Washer for The Campaign RPG; a website where I create stories for free based off of the various Dungeons & Dragons and other Table Top RPG games I've been in. Tiefling pretending to be a Drow? Elf who creates the first taser gun? Half-elf who accidentally gets the party leader framed for murder? That's just a few of the characters you'll find stalking my stories. If you enjoy the tales that this bard spins, consider tossing a few coins my way. It helps fuel my raging coffee addiction and keeps me crafting tales late into the night. You can find me on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter as: @decayintodust If you want to follow The Campaign RPG well just look for @thecampaignrpg on Instagram and Twitter.

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