Thank you for visiting my Ko-Fi Page. These drone files exist because there were not many safe Drone files on the internet. I wanted to experience dronification in a safe environment. Without the worry of permanent changes or unwanted side effects. So I decided to create my own series of files that make dronification accessible for curious subjects and hardcore drones. I also wanted to make files for drones who may already have users they obey, to give their users fun new tools to use. . Behind this voice, these filters, and these words, is a human who would love to continue this work. I do enjoy writing, recording and editing these files, however, this takes time. Quarantine has provided me this time, in exchange for putting my entire career on hiatus. Having a financial safety net would allow me to continue to focus on consistently releasing files. When donation milestones are met, I will release the raw version of my files for donators, so you can tailor and customize my files for your own personal use. Commissions are also available if you wish for me to tailor an existing file, or create a completely custom file. If you can’t provide support right now, that’s fine! I will still release complete files to the public, because I love sharing the pleasure of being a drone. Whether you’re a lone Drone, or have a user to play with, I hope my files can provide you a temporary hypnotic escape from our dystopic present. If you have the means, please consider a donation.Thank you for listening.

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