Deven Rue ~ Quip & Quill Podcast

💜Welcome to my Ko-fi Page!💜 I am a full-time TTRPG creator that focuses mostly on cartography (map making) & writing. I work out of my Washington home along with my lovely wife, Bre, and two adorable kitties, Ruebee of the Squee & Minxie Moxie (Charlie the Tonk crossed the rainbow bridge in the summer of 2023). I've been an artist since my teens but got into the TTRPG space in 2012 when my Skyrim map got me a lot of attention and a lot of people asking if I could make maps for them! As a DM/GM myself, I immediately realized that there was a need for my type of fantasy cartography and I started my business. In 2018, after making a map of Tal'Dorei as fan art for Critical Role, I was asked by Matt Mercer to create the Dwendalian Empire map and turn it into a prop map for him to hand the cast on stream. I jumped at the chance and on my birthday, he did just that! The rest is, as they say, history! I'm now expanding my artistic arsenal to include my writings, NPCs, landscape art, and more! Your donations & subscriptions help me keep doing this full-time while keeping the lights on. As a disabled, partially blind creator, you're also helping cover my expensive medical bills so I can keep doing this as long as possible. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me! Have an awesome day!

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